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Garnier Thiebaut Comtesse
Garnier Thiebaut Comtesse
Garnier Thiebaut Comtesse
Garnier Thiebaut Comtesse
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By Garnier Thiebaut.

"Comtesse" is ideal for when Marie-Antoinette comes round for tea! Or anyone else for that matter.

Promotion -30% within the limits of available stocks.

Damask 100% cotton with anti-stain treatment Green Sweet (except the napkins) - wash separately at 40°C before the first use - machine washable at 40 or 60°C maximum, with a colour detergent - GRAND TEINT - cool dry - hot iron***.

This high-tech process reproduces the principle of lotus leaves, which are always clean because dirt can not adhere to the surface. Easy to clean - a small amount of water will roll so that stains disappear. Waterproof: Water, wine, sauces, jam, oil, ... just roll on the fabric surface. Economic: washes at lower temperatures, water, electricity and laundry.
Textiles that retain their softness to the touch and breathable qualities. GreenSweet, the alliance of anti-stain treatment with the effect of an impervious coating that provides exceptional durability of protection.
Spillage, do not panic! Just gently absorb liquids with a cloth or dab with a damp sponge after removing all the solids. Sweet Green linen is machine washable and its properties remain intact even after many washes. Softeners or household cleaning wipes are not recommended nor are the abrasive side of sponges.

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