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By Mille Oreillers.

Linen seed 'hot-water' bottle : Heat your hot water bottle in all types of ovens for a few minutes then enjoy the soothing and analgesic properties of flax seeds! Highly prized by lovers of natural comfort solutions, once heated, your Linen seed 'hot-water' bottle provides a heat source and a very pleasant effect for the the neck, stomach, joints, or just to warm your bed
Dimensions 20 x 40 cm.

Linen seed 'Tour de cou' : The long segmented form of this neck warmer is ideal. Once heated in your oven the Linen seeds release a steady natural warmth and a healthy aroma promoting a feeling of well being.
Dimensions : 15 x 75 cm.

Linen Seed Cushion : Perfect for steady warmth and support wherever you have muscle or joint pains. Linen seeds are reputed for their analgesic qualities and have long been used by physiotherapists in the treatment or aches and pains.
Dimensions : 24 x 50 cm.

Linen slippers : Heat these slippers in the oven or by the fire and they will be the perfect solution to cold feet. They are the ideal remedy against cold floors and long winter evenings. Available in 2 sizes 36/40 or 41/45.

Filling 100% Flanders Linen Seeds - Outer wool certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (for the slippers) and pure linen fabric (for the other articles).

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