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Drouault Sur confort naturel
Sur confort naturel
By Drouault.

Feather and down, high-quality Proneem anti-mite treated 100% natural. A true mattress complement, this "extra comfort" for your old or new mattress will give you a sensation of softness and cocooning. It will change the way you sleep with real rest and the relaxation of muscles throughout your body. If you suffer from back problems or a mattress too firm the "extra comfort" will give you a full nights sleep.

Filling 90% featherett 10% French duck duvet - outer 100% white cotton serge - 1700 g/m² - thickness 8 cm - washable at 60°C.

Sur matelas (90x190 cm)
(35x75 inch)
301,00 EUR
319,51 USD
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Sur matelas (140x190 cm)
(55x75 inch)
384,00 EUR
407,62 USD
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Sur matelas (160x200 cm)
(63x79 inch)
429,00 EUR
455,38 USD
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Sur matelas (180x200 cm)
(71x79 inch)
515,00 EUR
546,67 USD
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Sur matelas (200x200 cm)
(79x79 inch)
550,00 EUR
583,83 USD
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